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How to Increase Website Page Speed to Improve Google SEO Results

Website page speed is a thing that makes a business owner think twice and to recover from the slow speed of the site, there are several glitches you must take care of. Your web developer can identify the issues and solve them and here we have listed the same.

If you have a business and a website for it then you must know the importance of the page speed and the consequences if the speed lags. In this case, if you think as a user you will find how irritated you will feel if a clicked page doesn’t open properly or takes much time. Then you must think of the scenario Responsive Website Design Company with your business website and think of the ways you can speed up the page.

Website page speed has been an issue with so many businesses, and some of them have already faced the Google penalty for it. So to avoid the same with your business site you must know the Google Local Listing SEO steps you have to take to make things better and satisfy the customers along with it. Here we have listed the things you can do to increase the page speed of your business website.

1. Minimization of HTTP requests

Take note of the HTTP request for images, contents are so many other websites regarding things, and all you have to do is here to minimize the same. When a request is made it takes time to open the page and it passes the usual time parameter of 5 seconds.

2. Combine files

There are so many files on the website and after you minimize the HTTP requests you must combine the files which are the HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts ones. These files are very crucial and they are needed for the way your site appears to the people, thus you can minimize the request for the same by combining the files.

3. Prevent the loading of JavaScript

The loading of JavaScript can take a long time and you have to prevent it. If these files are loading then the usual pages that are important will be delayed.

4. Server response time

Check if the server is working rightly or not because it can happen for the fault in servers the page speed can always slow down. If you are unable to detect the issue with the server then contact your internet service provider for the same.

5. The right hosting

Always make sure that you are choosing the right hosting for your website. If you are using a WordPress site then you will get a different type of hosting option to select from, and you have to select through private and shared. It’s always advisable to have your private hosting and not to choose the shared ones.

6. Make some compression

It will be easier for the page speed if you compress some big sizes to smaller ones. There are so many tools available for the same task and you can ask a web developer to do the thing for you.

Make your business website speedy and take note of the things that is making the speed lag, and solving them you will get more traffic for the site.

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