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How to reverse memory loss with online crossword games?


Earlier, even doctors believed that diseases like Alzheimer and Dementia were unavoidable. Elderly people tend to forget things as their short term memory weakens, this is called Dementia or Alzheimer. There is very little that can be done to prevent it or cure it. However, surveys have found out that lifestyle change plays a major role in keeping the mind active.

For seniors who are suffering from dementia and memory loss, looking for activities that help them feel productive, capable and relax is a daunting task. No, not anymore. Eating healthy, exercise, avoiding stress and indulging in mind games help reverse the memory loss. Many seniors are taking these recommendations to heart. One of the simplest memory activity that anyone can easily do is playing online crossword puzzles. Sounds fun?

The simplest solution is engaging elderly who are suffering from dementia into fun activities like crosswords.

Mental stimulation

Puzzles and crossword games help in mental stimulation and for a few, it means use it or lose it’. Try Sudoku, mechanical puzzles, cryptic crosswords or anything that you are comfortable with. Learn new things and start challenging your brain with a new activity would certainly help.

Learn new things

It could be a new language, new terms/phrases or a completely new game or concept. If you have played euchre all your life, why not switch to online crossword? Learn the rules of the game, read them carefully before starting the game. Figure the gameplay strategy and go for it. You can take help from anyone or event from Mr. Google.

Practice the W’s

Understand the W’s concept throughout the day. Whenever there is something new question yourself regarding Who, What, When, Where and Why. Pay attention to the details and it will help you remember the key elements.

Powerful brain workout

When an individual work on a puzzle, both the side of the brain is exercised, creating a stimulating workout. Right side focusses on creativity and intuitive thought and the left side on logic and order. If you want full brain involvement, make a habit of playing online money games on daily basis. This further enhances problem-solving skills, processing time and better judgment.

Visual perception

When you see a crossword puzzle, your eyes start scanning the pattern and reading the clues. This not only improves visual recognition but also improves short term memory. Connections between brain cells are improved.

Feel good chemical

When the brain exercises, it is good for physical health also. Concentrate on solving the puzzle in the least time span as this reduces the heart rate and also the blood pressure. Completing the whole puzzle releases dopamine in the brain. This chemical gives the ‘feel good’ attitude. The effects are generally felt when there is the accomplishment of a goal or solve an issue. It also helps in improving motor skills, concentration and confidence-all that benefits to those suffering from dementia.

Make sure to choose the puzzles wisely. Don’t go for easy children puzzles having a childish theme. At the same time, avoid complex games as the elderly person will start feeling frustrated and hopeless when solving them. Look for something challenging but not impossible. There are genuine online money games, they can try them and get the privilege to earn bucks as well.

Author Bio: Carol Lee is an enthusiast writer who has written about different niches. She has successfully managed to write high quality posts that were generic and highly informative.

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