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Things to Keep in Mind Before Hiring A Private Detective

Private detective industry is reportedly experiencing a boom in India, with people increasingly hiring professional detectives to glean information on personal, health, background, behavior, financial details of an individual for different reasons/purposes. While hiring a private detective in India is not illegal, you need to note that not all methods employed by the detectives/agencies are black and white. Even the usual methods of tracking people or taking pictures without their consent are bound draw serious legal action if noticed.

There are several advantageous and pitfalls of hiring private detectives/investigators and it is important to carefully consider them before going ahead with your decision.

Specialization and Credibility

The services of private detectives come in handy in different situations, most common being:

  • Spying on spouse to ascertain loyalty
  • Background/health checks before wedding
  • Financial worth of individuals
  • Monitoring behavior of children
  • Tracking fraudulent staff
  • Locating missing persons

The amount and nature of details collected in each of the situations and the techniques /methods used are bound to differ. It is therefore important for the individual or detective agency to be familiar and experienced in handling services that you require.

While the private detective industry in India is kind of self-regulated and no licensing required as of date, it is a must for you to ascertain the credibility and capabilities of the potential hire so that your entrust the job in safe and able hands.


Private detectives are usually members of The Association of Private Detectives and Investigators based in Delhi. Though unregistered, being a member of this association is often a selection criterion when reputed banks and corporates hire investigative agencies to trace defaulters and carry out background checks respectively. Some detective agencies however are registered companies that can carry out investigations for legal cases. You may well do to check membership/company details as well based on your requirements.

Work Ethics/ Client Confidentiality

Your potential hire must be known for professional ethics. Verify the ability for discreet action and the capacity to keep client details and case related information strictly confidential. Request referrals, for hiring the wrong person may lead to other problems for the person is fully capable of harnessing your personal details as well or use the information gathered against you.


Private investigations are by no means cheap. Professional services of experienced detectives tend to cost more and fees are likely to vary based on the type of investigation, location, information required and the time spent on the job. Verify the pricing and payment terms to know how much you will need to shell out for the process.

Area of Operation

Opt for local investigators, especially if you need local surveillance. For example if you need more information about a person who lives and works in one location, say Delhi, then hire the services of a reputed Detective agency in Delhi. Local detectives know the region well, are familiar with the language/culture of the place, blend in with the crowds and can offer information in real time if needed. Working with a local detective agency also helps to ascertain their expertise and service levels in-person.

Comfort Levels

With a number of detective agencies mushrooming in the country, finding a trustworthy detective agency in Delhi or in any other part of the country is not that simple. One easy way is to rely on references, but you still will need to do the due–diligence, interview the detective assigned to your case and avail the services only if you feel confident and comfortable interacting with person.

Familiarity with Legal System

If you are looking to gather evidence to support a legal case, it is important that your potential hire is familiar with the laws that apply to specific case in order to collect relevant information to strengthen your position. The details presented will need to turn the case in your favor!

However you will need to face the fact that at least some surveillance methods and techniques employed even by the best of detectives are likely to be anything but legal. Discreet operations are a must to avoid legal penalties.
Given this risk, why at all rely on private detectives for surveillance/collecting evidence or information?

Why Avail Services of Private Detectives

There are several reasons why availing the services of private detectives can make a difference.

  • Not all situations require police investigations. Even when they do so, the process is delayed and requires a complaint to be filed before the investigative team gets into action.
  • The investigation process remains confidential and discreet with all the available information being reported in a timely manner to facilitate your decisions.
  • Professional investigators have an extensive information network and resources that they can tap to get even the most personal details, should you need it.
  • Experienced service providers know to look for right evidence and where to find it. Their judgement is objective, especially if the adversary is someone well-known and close to you.
  • Access to latest technology and hi-end gadgets help obtain information /records stored in electronic format as well. From imported cameras, bugs and phone-tapping software to hacking databases and e-mail detective agencies are fully geared to solve problems using advanced techniques.
  • Private detectives are adept at using methods and techniques while also making sure that they stay in the good books of law makers/enforcement authorities.
  • Qualified detectives are also familiar with nuances of the legal system

The role of private detective agencies is no longer restricted to busting extra-marital affairs or kidnapping cases. Tracking corporate frauds, money laundering, employee background checks, harnessing ground data for elections, recovering loans for banks are but a few other services that they render. Ex-servicemen, retired police personnel, talented individuals with an interest to solve problems as well as qualified and trained detectives are offering investigation services in different parts of the country. Pricing actually should not be a deterrent in availing investigation services as it is the quality of intelligence and details that prove more valuable or important.

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