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Which One To Choose For Mobile App Development: Native vs React Native

The App developer faces heap several challenges whereas developing a specific app. Out of these numerous challenges, selecting the proper and also the applicable tool, platform and framework area unit few. Amongst, of these numerous challenges, select the proper platform is one amongst the foremost vital criteria. The mobile app developer are in confusion between Native and real native. Before, we have a tendency to entering into the comparison between these 2 platforms, allow us to comprehend these platforms one by one.

Native Application

While creating use of the native applications, the app developer have to be compelled to stick on to a specific platform and specific tool for developing the app. as an example, is that the app developer is developing associate app for automaton software package, he or she should and will use the automaton studio as surroundings and want to code in kotlin or java code. And if the app developer is developing associate app for iOS software package, the app developer, have to be compelled to use X code because the integrated development surroundings (IDE). So, the app developer have to be compelled to decide what reasonably artificial language and environments have to be compelled to be used whereas operating completely different in operation systems.

React Native

React Native is developed by Facebook associated is an open supply framework. The introduction of internet development into mobile app building is created attainable with the assistance of JavaScript. The most effective factor concerning this react native is that it provides the chance of making the applications at the same time at a time. So, with the assistance of this feature, the app developer needn’t develop 2 completely different apps. With the assistance of one code, each the in operation systems, i.e., iOS platform and also the automaton platform will be performed.

Comparing Native And React Native On Various Parameters

Based on Documentation

With relation to the documentation, each native and react native stand outstanding. The performance of each of those with relation to this options live equally.

Web Applications

With relation to internet applications, react native stands a step prior to native. the assorted technicalities associated with the net app development like toolset design and debugging flows area unit created simple with the assistance of react native. Also, if the React.js developer is being employed, then there wouldn’t be any necessary for internet programming. On. the opposite hand, native app doesn’t link with the net development.

Performance of the App

With relation to the performance of the app, out of those each programming languages, native application stands best. With the assistance of react native, we will develop numerous straightforward apps, however the particular hassle comes with its implementation with advanced technologies like block chain, IoT. Whereas with relation to the native app, there wouldn’t be any hassle in implementing the advanced technologies.

Cross Platform app development

With relation to the cross platforms, native applications supports higher than the react native. As any app can have server facet and additionally backend, out of that backend accounts for concerning five hundredth of the efforts concerned in mobile development. Native application additionally offers ease in committal to writing method.

Comparing the benefit

As per the skilled purpose of read, react native is simpler than native. This can be as a result of, react native uses JavaScript that is easier and simple to work in terms of debugging and learning. Also, the most effective give up this can be the errors gets hidden within the codes whereas collection. These errors area unit detected within the later sessions. Whereas, Objective-C or Swift is relatively a tougher language, associated during this errors area unit caught at an early stage. Thus, among native and react native, react native is simpler operating.

Based on desegregation practicality

In this issue, native app is healthier than react native. Once associate app is being developed victimization native, it offers the most effective support for desegregation practicality through third party library or API. If the hybrid platform is of interest, native supports best, not like the react native. Also, react native don’t support API’s. So, therein case, native modules have to be compelled to be embedded within the react native.

The best a part of native app is that it saves heap of efforts and time, with relation to API’s. Whereas, React native serves associate choice for developing made-to-order apps.

Community Size

Coming to the community size support from the individual applications, react native supports higher than native applications. it’s obvious that, as a result of react native is being developed by the Facebook, that is that the most well-liked social media website, if supports larger community. On the opposite hand, native cannot support larger community.

Availability on App store

Whatsoever, the app is developed it’s should be created on the market over the play store (of google) or on apple store. If the app is developed, either victimization native or react native, each will be created on the market on apple app store and google play store.



As a final word, each the native and react native has execs and cons, a bit like 2 sides of a coin. So, the app developer have to be compelled to decide what criteria’s, matters the foremost.

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